Norton 2010 that has the password ‘quorum’ is in its development forward. Ie create a new protection system is not only based ‘fuel’ traditional malware signatures, but also ‘fuel’ new reputation with intelligent control systems that choose a more suitable approach to address specific threats faced.


Behavior-based anti-malware systems of new generation which adopted the Norton 2010 named SONAR 2. This feature intelligently diklam would measure inputs in the entire PC to make decisions that are of high accuracy, moving between the types of ‘fuel’ protection if necessary.

SONAR 2 is also said uncaman-designed to detect unknown threats with the intelligence of all the features mamanfaatkan Norton protection, both controlled by the communications network, the activity of programs in the system, utilizing a reputation in the cloud data or any other defenses.


Threats of a new type of intelligent fool can trick users into installing them as software updates and codecs. This makes detection notification generally become obsolete because it fails to describe what has happened to the language that is easily understood.

Norton 2010 will introduce a new experience that will help users understand what has happened when there was an effort but still not interfere with infection. Novice user can quickly understand what is happening while the user who understands the technical issues can be understood through detailed matters such as the origin of threats and activities that have been done.

In addition, a new protection model from Norton in 2010 expanded to include AntiSpam and Parental Controls. AntiSpam display the new machine from Symantec Brightmail to deliver enterprise-class protection in consumer inboxes. This new AntiSpam feature offers improved dramatically effective without the ‘training’ which takes as it works using old proven heuristics and signature-based cloud.

In addition, users can sign up for Norton 2010 subscription gratis1 OnlineFamily.Norton, a new Web-based services that maintain that parents know the online life of their children and encourage communication about appropriate behavior and inappropriate on the Internet.

“No other vendor approaches to consumer protection that we are approaching capacity. The new approach, we changed the ‘rules’ in a way to improve security-traditional security to become more aggressive and dramatically complicate the attacker to trick the malware detection simply by changing them,” Rowan Umbar Trollope, senior vice president, Symantec Consumer Business Unit.

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